Is this the most savage nutmeg of the season?

Every once in a while a nutmeg comes around that makes you want to stand up and punch the air, hollering expletives as you frantically summon everyone in the general vicinity to huddle around your chosen screen and replay it over and over again for everyone’s benefit.

Usually those megs involve trained professionals who’ve been honing their craft their entire lives. Sometimes they’re streetballers who take a special pride and pleasure in going out on the streets and embarrassing all comers with a spectacular array of flicks and tricks.

And sometimes we get the cream of the crop.

Little kids with sauce.

Look at the pure, casual nature of the nutmeg. The unbothered calm before the storm. The intricate but oh so smoothly executed footwork before little dude decides to teach his baby sister an early lesson in public humiliation.

The meg’s so clean, his sister doesn’t even know what’s happened until her pants nearly split.

Everything about it is the highest levels of sauce, and it’s probably the best one we’ve seen this year.