Did Seattle Sounders fans rebound after their tifo disaster? Take a look


Remember when the Seattle Sounders' top supporters group gave us this rickroll, which was slammed as the worst tifo ever by some soccer fans?:

Yeah. Not great. Well, the Emerald City Supporters are back with a considerably better effort. As the Sounders prepared to face off against another Cascadia rival, the Vancouver Whitecaps, on Saturday night, the Emerald City Supporters decided to step up their game.

The result? A pretty sweet tifo that references Game of Thrones and basically calls out the Whitecaps as a group of lumbering undead freaky ice people — trust us on that. Check it out:

Whitecaps = White Walkers — get it?

The power of Game of Thrones + great tifo apparently worked. The Seattle Sounders won 1-0 as rookie Jordan Morris carved out his place in MLS history.

Now, the Sounders' playoff hopes are still alive and Seattle is back on their tifo game, too.