LeBron James discusses why a story like ’89 BLOCKS’ is important for people to watch

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'89 Blocks,' a FOX Sports Films 'Magnify' documentary executive produced by LeBron James with Sports Illustrated and Uninterrupted, premieres Sunday on FOX. Check your local listings.

- There so many stories out here, not only in America but in the world, that needs to be told. And people need to see it. And I hope they see it. You hear stories, but you never actually know what's actually going on. And to actually be able to see the cameras in the faces of these young men, and this coach. You know, and this police officer, who gives up his time to be an assistant coach.

And it is so much bigger than a win and a loss. It's so much bigger. He wants to see these kids get out of this community, because there's really-- there's no bright spot. And they are the-- they are the light that keep the city going.

But he wanted them to get out of here, because there's so much more to the world. So I hope people can, you know, see that and recognize that there's so many people out here trying to help the youth.