Twins Final Pitch: Bullpen shines in sweep

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On today's Twins Final Pitch, Tim Laudner says the bullpen did a good job of containing the Pirates' offense

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- With Tim Laudner, Tom Hanneman, back in the "Twins Final Pitch" following the Twins' 6-4 win over the Pirates this afternoon. Beautiful day and a nice ballgame for Minnesota. The bullpen did a terrific job in both wins against Pittsburgh. And the Twins bats, very strong as well.

It's an important series sweep for this team against a Pirates team that is in the race-- the wildcard race-- in the National League.

- Especially when you think about the team that just came off a pretty difficult road trip into Cleveland and Detroit, to be able to come back into their home ballpark and win a couple of ballgames against a very good ballclub means a lot to the fans that come out to watch these guys play. They put their best foot forward, they got a pretty good pitching performance last night. Jake Odorizzi pitching deeper into the ball game.

But a shorter start by Jose Berrios today. However, in both instances last night, the bullpen did an excellent job of picking up both starters and containing these very tough Pittsburgh Pirates with the Twins offense scratching out some runs, playing some pretty good defense. And all in all, a nice two-game sweep against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

- A look at today's final numbers. 12 hits for the Pirates, but they left 12 on base as well. Gabriel Moya in relief is the winner, now 3-0 this season. Paul Molitor offered his take on this series.

- Little bit of similarity to yesterday, in that we got behind by a couple in the middle innings and found a way to come back. Archer was Archer, he was tough. He was throwing hard, his slider was tough for us to handle. We had some really good at-bats starting, I think, with Forsythe's first RBI single when he battled after falling behind and poked one into right, and also had a big hit up the middle to plate a couple later on.

Yeah, Bobby Wilson had a couple of hits, one legit, maybe one not so legit, but I'm sure he'll take them.

- So this home stand will continue tomorrow night. The Detroit Tigers coming to town for a four-game series. Ervin Santana and Francisco Liriano both pitched this past weekend in Detroit. Ervin making his fifth start of the season, still looking for his first win.

- Yeah, and for Ervin Santana, again, it's a continuation of trying to build some arm strength, trying to get some confidence back. Yes, he's coming off the finger surgery and he's trying to get a feel for his breaking pitches to come off of that finger for his changeup. He's trying to get a feel, keeping those pitches down.

Obviously there's a lot of talk about his lack of velocity and the fact that he's only throwing the ball 89, 90 miles an hour, when before we've seen him a few ticks above that. However, you can throw 89, 90 miles an hour and get major league hitters out. You have to locate your speed stuff as well.

So it's going to be a continuation for Ervin Santana to continue to get healthy, get people out, show your experience when you get out on the mound, and have some fun pitching. You'd like to finish on a positive note going towards the end of the season, and as the offseason comes closer.

- We'll return with Twins live tomorrow night at 6:30. Hope you'll join us then.