Jonathan Toews and Auston Matthews shoot for destruction in funny ad

Here's a tip for anybody trying to sell hockey equipment: Just hire two NHL superstars, set up some video equipment, and film them while they destroy the entire set with a shooting competition. It will be awesome.

That's what we learned from this new Bauer ad, which pits Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews and Maple Leafs rookie Auston Matthews against each other in an epic target contest. Not only do Toews and Matthews take turns causing some major destruction to their surroundings, but they also exchange some hilarious banter the entire time. Considering they're two guys who aren't exactly known around the NHL for having the most exciting personalities, it's a treat.

Although the video never really feels like an advertisement for the Bauer sticks it's promoting, it really could be a campaign for durable video equipment. I have no idea how some of that stuff was able to take the punishment it did, but Toews and Matthews had to assault certain pieces with extra vigor in order to bring them down.

Anyway, as far as a winner goes in this little destruction competition, Toews gets a major edge both in the accuracy and chirp department.