One word went through Cam Newton’s head during Gano’s unbelievable game-winning FG

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Panthers QB Cam Newton 1-on-1 with Pam Oliver

- Well, Cam, that was about as exciting as it could get. What were you thinking as you shake hands with people. And what were you thinking when Graham lined up to kick that ball?

- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please, Jesus. Just get me out of here, Jesus. Man, today was just, man, I don't know. But I'm happy we had this type of win today, because this was playoff atmosphere. We got a very young team. And we persevered. And even though it wasn't pretty on my part, but it's a team sport and we will get better.

- Tell me about what you told us earlier about sustaining success. Tell me what that means and how you get there.

- Sustaining success, it's just basically, it's a mental strength week in and week out, knowing that, you know, no matter who we play or who our opponent is, just sustaining that mentality that we don't stoop down to nobody's expectations. We play up to ours. Today we kind of slipped. We saw flashes, but we just got to stay, stay, stay the course throughout.

- It was interesting watching you be the aggressor on some of these runs. These guys, you were knocking them back. Is that by design?

- I'm 6' 6" 250.

- I know what you [INAUDIBLE] height.

- Thank you.

- OK. That wraps us up.