Washington Redskins: 2017 will be ‘The Year of the Josh’

The Washington Redskins roster is littered with one Josh after another in various forms, and all could play key roles in 2017. 

Looking at the Washington Redskins depth chart it’s hard not to laugh a little at a simple observation. The name Josh will be said quite a bit in the nation’s capital in the 2017 season. I really need to stop joshing around (that will be the only joke, I promise).

Take a look at “The Joshes” on the Redskins roster currently: Josh Norman (cornerback), Josh Doctson (wide receiver), Josh Evans (safety), Josh Harvey-Clemons (safety, 2017 draft pick), Josh Holsey (defensive back, 2017 draft pick).

Besides Doctson, everyone else is on defense. Is it possible the Redskins have designed some secret “Josh Defense”? Only time will tell. According to CSN MidAtlantic’s Rich Tandler, head coach Jay Gruden is hoping everyone is able to come together and make it happen:

“It’s how we gel as a unit that is the important thing – how they buy into Coach Manusky’s scheme and Coach Tomsula’s coaching, how they work well together and how they make each other better. That’s a challenge that we have.”

Really, what are the odds? Maybe one, or two Joshes would be foreseeable — but five? What kind of Dan Snyder sorcery is this? If the Joshes can come together and revitalize the defense, alongside Doctson finally having the breakout season everyone’s waiting to see, the Redskins may have put together not just a playoff team, but the best marketing campaign money can buy.

The Redskins ended the 2016 season with on a sour note, losing to the New York Giants, 19-10. Redemption is on the list of things to do. With 1:27 left in the fourth quarter, Kirk Cousins threw a deep pass up the middle that was intercepted.

If everyone on the team needs to be named Josh to change the end result of the season. The Redskins blew several opportunities to get into the 2016 playoffs. The 2017 season will determine if all the upgrades were worth the time.

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