Tom Brady mocks Madden Curse, breaks mirror and more (Video)

After being named the cover athlete for Madden NFL 18, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady mocked the Madden Curse.

Though it might not seem possible, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had never been on the cover of Madden before. However, EA Sports changed that on Friday. With a buildup over the past week to a reveal of the Madden NFL 18 cover athlete, it was revealed that it’d be Touchdown Tom doing so for the first time in his illustrious career.

Obviously it’s a well deserved honor for Brady, and for the Patriots as he’s the second-straight New England player to be named the cover athlete (Rob Gronkowski a year ago). But as Gronk missed much of last year, the Madden Curse was immediately brought up.

The so-called Madden Curse has claimed many victims. It simply breaks down to the fact that the cover athlete has an odd history of getting injured. So when a quarterback who’s an all-time great and is already defying Father Time is on the cover, talk of the curse ramped up. Could we see Tom Brady be the next victim?

Well, if you ask the Patriots legend, he’s not concerned at all. Courtesy of his own Facebook page, Brady released a video mocking the Madden Curse as he breaks a mirror and walks under a ladder:

It really feels as if Brady is pushing his luck here. The history of quarterbacks doing what he’s already done at his age is not favorable. So every superstitious Patriots fan has to be soiling themselves seeing this video in addition to the Madden cover announcement.

Then again, if there’s one player who wouldn’t be affected by the Madden Curse, wouldn’t it have to be Tom Brady? After all, he did just erase a 25-point second-half deficit in a Super Bowl. Following something like that, I probably wouldn’t feel too vulnerable to superstitions either.

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