Derek Carr jabs Seahawks’ use of Marshawn Lynch while professing love for Raiders

Derek Carr is suddenly the highest-paid player in the NFL, and apparently making a bid to be the most quotable.

Carr, who agreed to a five-year, $125 million deal to remain with the Raiders beyond next season, had this to say Friday:

“You can give me a dollar, you can give me $25 million, it doesn’t matter to me. My goal is that I make sure I give everything I have to this organization,” Carr told reporters. “There’s no pressure, there’s no, ‘We’ll be on the 1-yard line and I won’t give it to Marshawn, I’ll throw it.’ None of that stuff. I don’t care about the stats; that’s not my No. 1 objective.”

Wait a minute: Is Carr suggesting Russell Wilson cares more about his stats than winning?

Probably not, since Carr and Wilson are two of the nicest, most God-fearing players in the NFL. But Carr definitely is jabbing the Seahawks for the way they used (or didn’t use) Marshawn Lynch, his new Raiders running back, in Super Bowl XLIX. Lynch has jabbed the Seahawks for it too, so nice job by Carr of bonding with his new teammate.

The Raiders host the Seahawks on Aug. 31 in their preseason finale, and you can bet both teams will be all about that action, boss.