Jamie McMurray on third-place finish: “Hopefully we can get on a roll here” | 2018 TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY | FOX NASCAR

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Jamie McMurray discusses how his participation in the Xfinity race the previous day may have helped him score his first top five finish of the season.

- --here's Top 5 finisher Jamie McMurray since last fall at Charlotte. How important was running the Xfinity race on Saturday helping today?

- I don't know that it helps a lot. It certainly doesn't hurt to get a little bit of track time. The track's pretty treacherous when you get out of the groove, and obviously I spun out yesterday at the Xfinity race, so I learned not to go up there, but it was a really good day for Cessna/McDonald's/Chevrolet.

We really struggled this year and especially on the mile and a halfs, and I'm really proud of everybody for the car that we had and to be able to put the whole race together. The off-weekend for us couldn't have come at a better time. We needed a little bit of a break, so hopefully we can get on a roll here.

- Now what kind of message is your son Carter going to tell his teacher this week?

- Well, our kids go to school together, so we see each other in carpool lane. It'll be great this week. I believe last week, Carter came home and told me that one of his teachers said your dad didn't do very well last week, which is the truth, but I was like, "Well Carter," I said, "all you can do is go out and try your best every week."

- All right. Third place finish for Jamie McMurray.