Kenny Wallace talks with Ice Cube before the race in California

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Ice Cube checks in with 'NASCAR Race Day' and Kenny Wallace as attends his very first NASCAR race.

KENNY WALLACE: We are here with the legendary Ice Cube. And I got to tell you, we are a huge fan of yours. And everybody wanted to know, since Compton is only 60 miles from here.


KENNY WALLACE: Did you just come straight out of Compton?

ICE CUBE: I came straight out of Encino today.

KENNY WALLACE: Everybody is happy you're here. It's an honor that you're here. Why are you here?

ICE CUBE: Oh man, you know, I've been a fan from afar. And you know, I had a chance to come out and check it out. And this is my first race, so I'm excited. I can't wait to see these cars, you know, with my own eyes go this fast.

KENNY WALLACE: It's pretty cool that you watch NASCAR from afar. Is there any driver that you're rooting for today?

ICE CUBE: You know, I got, you know, Bubba Wallace, it's in my heart.

KENNY WALLACE: My last name is Wallace too.

ICE CUBE: You know, so it's in my heart. But, you know, I met Jimmy Johnson. You know, he's a great guy. I met Cal, Cal Bush so, you know, it's like damn, I'm rooting for everybody now since I've met everybody.

KENNY WALLACE: We love you Ice Cube. I must say this, any time I get to hang out with Ice Cube, today was a good day. And I'm sorry, but I got to steal this. This is the end of the interview. Bye Felicia.

ICE CUBE: Bye Felicia.

KENNY WALLACE: We love you man.

ICE CUBE: Hey man, I love you too man. Hey let's do this man. Let's go fast.