Alex Bowman wins pole position | 2018 DAYTONA 500 | FOX NASCAR

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Alex Bowman in his first year in the No. 88 for Hendrick Motorsports beats Denny Hamlin's time to win the Daytona 500 pole.

ANNOUNCER 1: I think he comes in there with a pretty good attitude this year. He knows he's got a good team, he knows he's got a good car, and now they want to have some fun. And how do you have fun, Jeff?

ANNOUNCER 2: Chad Knaus reacts.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yes, win.


ANNOUNCER 3: How about this Cinderella story that's about to come here. This is going to be really interesting to watch. Already in the green. Wow, that thing is fast.

ANNOUNCER 2: Alex Bowman came here to run the 500 for BK Racing in 2014, finished in the top 25, and look at that advantage build over Denny Hamlin.

ANNOUNCER 1: That car is-- you know what you can say about that car? That thing is fast.

ANNOUNCER 2: The FedEx Camry of Hamlin sitting, rolling, waiting.

ANNOUNCER 3: Wow, he's picking up.

ANNOUNCER 1: This may go into the 45s.

ANNOUNCER 3: I'm just thinking, what a difference a year makes for Alex Bowman.

ANNOUNCER 1: This could very--

ANNOUNCER 3: I mean he wasn't--

ANNOUNCER 1: --well be a--

ANNOUNCER 3: --even in the Daytona 500 last year.

ANNOUNCER 1: --45 second lap. Right at it, 46.002.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow. Alex Bowman--

GREG IVES (ON RADIO): Nice job, buddy.

ANNOUNCER 2: --has just won the pole--

GREG IVES (ON RADIO): Watch your tail--

ANNOUNCER 2: --for the Daytona 500.


ANNOUNCER 2: Greg Ives, the crew chief.

ALEX BOWMAN (ON RADIO): Where's that put us?

ANNOUNCER 2: And only his second start.



Great job, guys.

ANNOUNCER 1: Come on.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bowman, 41st different driver to win the pole. The 88 car has started on the front row for the last five restrictor plate races, and won the pole now for the last three.

ANNOUNCER 3: Pretty sure he's going to get a big congratulations from his buddy--

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, you know it.

ANNOUNCER 3: --Dale Jr watching at home.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, you know who else? Rick's down there, too.

ANNOUNCER 3: Oh, yeah.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wait till you see-- wait till Rick gets a hold of him.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jimmy Johnson, third fastest today. But to hold that spot, we'll find out on Thursday.

- Alex Bowman, you got out and you were shaking a little bit. What was that like for you today?

- Just a little nerve wracking, you know. Our Nationwide Camaro ZL1 has been great since we unloaded. All the guys back at the chassis shop, body shop, the Hendrick engine shop, is top notch. They all work so hard. And we knew we were going for the pole. That's what we were here to do.

And I thought we were at a little disadvantage letting the car cool down as long as we did, since we went pretty early in that first round. Was a little nervous for that second round. But glad-- took off well off pit road, and did everything I could do. But this really comes down to the crew, all the guys back in the shop, whether it's the aero group, the engine shop, the chassis shop, everybody works so hard at these Speedway cars, especially for the 500. It means the world to have Nationwide support and to be able to put it on the pole.

- Alex, this moment is a long time coming. You and your family have been through a lot. You've raced for the teams down here and now you have this opportunity. Looking at this big picture, all the media around, your family, all the congratulations, what is it like to finally be here?

- I think it's still a little surreal. You know it's a dream come true to get to drive for Hendrick Motorsports. Never would have thought it would have happened after the kind of path my career took. So I'm just so thankful to be able to do this. I'm very blessed to be able to call driving a race car my job, and now to get to drive what I think is the best race car in the business. It's a dream come true.