Should Kyle Busch be frustrated after three top-five finishes on the West Coast swing?

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew debates how Kyle Busch should feel after scoring three straight top five finishes but failing to score a win.

- So one thing that we have seen many times this season is speed out of the 18 car, as well. Really, he's the one guy who has put the most pressure on the leader in consecutive weeks. Unfortunately, that team made a mistake on a key pit stop. They went the wrong way on a chassis adjustment. And Larry McReynolds, we talked about how the pit crew guys have so much more on their plate with all of the changes this season and mistakes.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Everybody's multitasking, but Kyle had been loose, and they were supposed to put some wage in the car to tighten it up. He actually took it out. He almost went the right direction, then went with the wrong direction. And the Achilles heel of this, this was the final trip to pit road. They never got another opportunity to make any adjustments to this 18 car.

- And certainly, you know, he was frustrated with the fact that he didn't win the race. But look at the results. Especially the last three races, right? The season-- but you look at the west coast wing. A second, a second, and a third. I know that Kyle wants to get to victory lane and get that trophy, but you've got to look at the laps lead and all of the finishes, and he is right there up there with the leaders. I mean, he's the one that's put in the most pressure.

But when you talk about frustration and some drivers not really being able to deal with that frustration, and sometimes that affects their performance. But Kyle seems to operate well in that sort of space.

- The good thing, they have speed in that 18 car. But Shannon, I'm sure he was frustrated at Las Vegas. He was frustrated at Phoenix. He's been frustrated to follow Kevin Harvick in a Ford to the checkered flag. But I think the frustration really kicked in this week because he could look out that windshield.

That's the same make of car I'm driving. That's the same engine package I've got. I think that's where the frustration really kicked in. Add in the fact of making the wrong adjustments on the last pit stop, and I'm sure that's one reason he was so frustrated after this race.

- We've seen this movie before with Kyle Busch. Frustrated when he's got a great race car, but doesn't find his way to victory lane. I'm curious, though, as a driver, what is the balance in being frustrated and disappointed when your run well, versus taking some confidence in the fact that hey, we've got fast race cars and we're in the game.

- Sure. I think it really depends on the driver, right? And his attitude and the way that he approaches things. I mean, Kyle kind of lives in this space, right? He's always showing a lot of passion when things don't go his way, or things do go his way. That's just kind of the way he operates. So I don't see this really affecting him personally. The team knows that they have speed. They know they're on the cusp of having a really, really good run, if not a win. And they're obviously-- they're going to win a race here before the year is out.

- You know, one thing, I would never second guess Adam Stevens. He's a friend. He's a winning championship crew chief. But one thing that I've questioned the last couple of weeks, at Phoenix and in auto club, especially yesterday, where fresh tires were so important, it seemed like that Adam was leaving Kyle out there longer than anyone else and giving up a lot of time on the stopwatch. I know what he was trying to do. He was trying to catch that caution and burn a bunch of drivers and put them a lap down, but two weeks in a row he's left him out there on those older tires and cost him a lot of ground on the green.

- In a situation like that, once you decide to do that, you get a couple of laps into that strategy, you kind of have to commit to it at that point. I mean, you've lost ground already by not coming with those guys, so then you've got to go ahead and commit and go as long as you can. And sometimes it doesn't play out.