Jason Whitlock is a bigger race fan than you’d expect

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Hear why Jason Whitlock is actually a big NASCAR and motorsports fan as he checks in with 'NASCAR Race Hub' .

- Another special guest. The lineup has been incredible all week long. Jason Whitlock is here. Normally on the set with "Speak For Yourself." And now you're calling this what?

- "Speak for the Hub."

- Oh, OK.

- "Speak for the Hub."

- Good.


- Seriously, I'm really honored to be here. You guys are the highest rated and best show on this network. It's good to meet your audience and you guys.

- And you guys are always throwing to us while we're in the studio, so we're always catching you guys right before we go on. You are from Indianapolis, spent some time in Charlotte, right? So racing?

- Oh, racing's been a big part of my life. As a kid growing up in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Gordon Johncock, Thompson even my two favorite drivers of all time. Was also a bit of a NASCAR fan growing up. I was a big Cale Yarborough fan--


- --as a kid. But I've probably seen the Indianapolis 500 in person a dozen times. And the one time I went to Daytona-- no one will ever forget, for a sad reason I was there-- when Dale Earnhardt passed.

- You two already have something in common we realized backstage. The same birthday!

- Same birthday. Tauruses. We're a little stubborn.

- He was telling me stories about Cale Yarborough playing for Clemson. And talked about college football. We had a good talk.

- I had no idea. And you sent this in your email as we communicated for today's show. I didn't realize that Cale had played football at Clemson.

- No, he had a scholarship football player.

- OK, OK.

- And he quit to go racing.

- Right. There you go. So he got the scholarship and turned it down.

- Toughest guy in racing.

- You've never watched our Something [INAUDIBLE] because that was one of our questions last--

- See, I should start paying attention to your portion of the program.

- Yeah. Now, I know we talked about the fans out west and what they're like. But it's kind of cool to come to Fox Sports, and be part of some of the other shows, and realize how you guys have a connection to the racing world.

- No, listen, I love racing. Want to talk about it a little bit more on our show, because again, people don't expect it. I'm a big black dude who played football in the Midwest. But I actually-- look, my parents, we always threw a big party Indy 500 weekend. A barbecue. Again, I have an affinity, a strong passion for racing and would love to talk more about it.

- I bet that they could find a spot on top of the three pit box for you this weekend.

- Heck, I'm ready to debate with this guy about sports and NASCAR.

- If you want to come.

- I want to see NASCAR on this show more.

- I've got the solutions to-- I'm going to say it. I want to make NASCAR greater again.


- Hey, let's go.

- I've got all the solutions on how to do it, honest to goodness. I just think back to what made me fall in love with Cale Yarborough and NASCAR. And he beat up the Allison club.

- They were bad, right? They were bad.

- No, no, he beat up the Allison brothers at the Daytona 500. And that's what put NASCAR on top. And listen, when these guys were cowboys-- that's why I'm an AJ Foyt fan. I like the characters.

- The attitude.

- The attitude. And I like rubbing in racing.

- Hey, it's part of it.

- And I wish we could get a little-- it's a little too polished for me. I like--

- But did you see Kyle Busch's fight at the end of the year at Vegas last year with all the bloody nose?

- I saw.

- OK.

- Not quite Cale Yarborough.

- It wasn't.

- But again, if we could just get a little bit more of that. What I say about racing-- it's like dating. If you're not rubbing, what's the point?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!


- Like racing, we just took a big left turn.