Eli Tomac scores a dominating win in the 450 main at Glendale | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac took the holeshot and didn't look back as he went wire to wire in the 450 main at Glendale to score his second straight main event win.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Tomac with a tremendous start, but not as good as Barcia. Tomac to the inside. Yes! Holeshot from the number three.

JEFF EMIG: Justin Brayton, who also had that heat win, he's about mid-pack right now.

RALPH SHEHEEN: That's not what he needed.

JEFF EMIG: Not the start he needed, no.

RALPH SHEHEEN: No, sir. Anderson, however, got a good one. He's up in the top five. He's right back there in fourth.

JEFF EMIG: Barcia tries to block that inside, but Peick's going to push him wide.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Aggressive move by Peick. You can see Roczen in here. Musquin with a pretty good start too, Jeff.

JEFF EMIG: Yup. Your points leader, Anderson, in the frame there.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Tomac also had the holeshot at the season opener. Roczen now on the move, something we've been waiting to see. He's been all around the podium. Hasn't been on the top step of it yet. Finds himself in fourth.

JEFF EMIG: Well, and just when you thought Anderson was the guy to be so dominant, he loses another spot to Musquin. Roczen goes by, Musquin and goes by. Anderson's now dropping back. What is going on with him? And he's got Brayton right there with him. Anderson no now is flustered.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Watching Musquin come after Roczen. Not as good through the whoops, was he?

JEFF EMIG: Watch this triple on, triple off. Triple again, and watch the speed Roczen has.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Inside set up, you bet.

JEFF EMIG: And Peick moves--

RALPH SHEHEEN: Executed perfectly.

JEFF EMIG: Hard to believe.

RALPH SHEHEEN: If you're not fired up at Monster Energy Kawasaki--

JEFF EMIG: Hey, the mechanics work hard, right? They're part of this team. They want that win as bad as the rider. Only problem is, they don't have any control over it at this point. That can only encourage their rider, and certainly that's what's going down the Tomac right now. And the crowd's starting to get into it. We're on the final lap, and any mistake by Tomac and Barcia could just sneak by and steal the win here, with a half a lap to go.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Yeah, he is definitely right on his tail, just a second and a half behind him. And that's what Brian Kranz, Eli Tomac's mechanic, was afraid of. He knows Justin Barcia hasn't won since Seattle in April 2013 and he wants another one. Eli Tomac, however, wants a win in the Arizona desert, and he has it. Eli Tomac, his 15th career win.

- Eli, how were you able to execute right from the start of this race to get the win here tonight?

- The start. Got the start. It was really good and that was a big, big push. I mean it-- from halfway, I was like, man, this is going to be a long way home, but we were able to get it. The pressure behind me was there the entire time. You couldn't miss a line. I mean, I nailed everything-- like, the three threes-- and they were still right on me. And that was just awesome, you know? We put in a big effort all day, and to get on top is the best.

Thank you, Monster Energy Kawasaki. Alpinestars, Oakley, Bell, PPG-- woo! Golden.