Marvin Musquin dominates the second main event I MONSTER ENERGY CUP

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MEC Highlights: Marvin Musquin goes wire-to-wire to win the second main event of the night and move one step closer to $1 million.

- Here we go, race number two. Now remember, Musquin has to win this to stay alive for this shot at the million bucks. Or will somebody upset him here in race number two? Oh, he boxes everyone out. No! They crash on the lower side of the screen.

- And is that Barsha that grabbed the hole shot, possibly?

- Well, the hole shot's going to be over here at the jump. Barsha's not going to get it. It's going to be Musquin.

- Charges in there.

- Up the top of the hill, and Tickle right there with him, his new teammate. And Barsha's right here in third, making a bid for second. And Anderson's in the fray as well on the twenty-one.

- We've got Wilson who finished third in the first main event. He's going to be right inside the top five there.

- Now we got to see who's going to do what on the Joker lane as Anderson moves himself up into second.

- Oh, and Wilson just got slammed. Got passed by, I believe that was Freezy on the 55. So he's moved his way up.

- Back to the front we go with Marvin Musquin. Final lap.

- He has just been perfect.

- While he's waiting to come back for the third race, it's going to be some of the most nerve racking time he has ever spent waiting for a race to get started because the thought that a million bucks could be standing 10 laps away.

- Well, I'm sure you're going to bring that up if he, on the final lap, if he's able to wrap this thing up and take the checkered flag, I'm sure you're going to remind him of that, right?

- We're going to do that when we get to the interview here. Absolutely.

- I mean, he's been perfect, I mean, look at that. I mean, Anderson just a couple of tenths of a second off and can't hang with him.

- And he hasn't had all the training he's going to have between now and Anaheim yet. Hasn't spent much time getting back on the bike yet. But Marvin Musquin is perfect so far. Two for two here in Vegas. And Wilson gets around Barsha. Dean Wilson is going to finish just in front of just Justin Barsha.