TV gone wrong: Robbie Williams doesn’t know who Max Verstappen is

British singer Robbie Williams recently appeared as a guest on the Dutch television program “RTL Late Night,” where there was an F1-themed surprise in store for him.

With most of the Formula One teams being based out of England, and with the popularity of the spot being quite high in Holland right now due to the performance of Max Verstappen – the program’s host was quite shocked, to put in mildly, to discover that Robbie Williams doesn’t know who Verstappen is. After all, the music video to his song “Supreme” is a tribute to Sir Jackie Stewart.

Truth is, however, Williams doesn’t like Formula One and doesn’t even drive, yet the show’s organizers had gone out of their way to get Verstappen to invite the pop star to a race during the broadcast.

At least he was willing to take him up on the offer.