Aussie roads minister calls F-1 star Hamilton a ‘d***head’

British Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton was Monday branded a

“d***head” by a state roads minister in Australia, The Herald Sun


The former world champion was pulled over by police on Friday

for doing a burnout and fishtail in his Mercedes as he turned into

a busy street outside the Albert Park track in Melbourne.

The incident, which Hamilton has since apologized for, came

days before the Victorian state government released a new road

safety advertising campaign aimed at young people.

The new viral blitz, which will target Facebook, Twitter and

other social network users, will feature the slogan “Don’t be a


Asked about Hamilton during an interview about the new

campaign, Victorian Roads Minister Tim Pallas said Monday: “Yes.

Okay, I’ll say it. He’s a d***head.”

Pallas would not give the same label to Australian F1 driver

Mark Webber, despite the Red Bull star claiming that Victoria was

now a “nanny state”.

Webber, who finished ninth in Sunday’s Grand Prix in

Melbourne, was slammed by police after saying a growing number of

rules and regulations in Australia left him feeling as though he

needed to read an instruction book before getting out of bed.

Pallas said while Webber’s comments were “totally

irresponsible”, Hamilton’s behavior had put lives at


“Whether or not you’re a world champion racing

driver, or you’re someone who’s just got their license,

if you decide to behave in an unsafe manner on a public road, that

is dangerous,” he told 3AW Radio.

And he was unapologetic in justifying the use of a phrase in

the campaign that some will find offensive.

“What we found is some of our messages just aren’t getting

through to young people about road safety,” he said.

“We all know a young person out there learning to drive,

developing their skills and far too often they think they are

unable to be harmed by bad driver choices and decisions.

“This is about talking to young people in a language they

understand and have it transferred by their peers.”