Seven reasons the Blues win the Stanley Cup: Special teams

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Mike Yeo on Ryan O'Reilly: "He's been great on both special teams." And special teams is our sixth reason the Blues will win the Stanley Cup this year.

- All right. Blues fans, Thursday is the day. It is the season opener here at the Enterprise Center. Different names, same arena. And we're talking about the seven reasons why the Blues and the Stanley Cup is going to happen this year. And we've got to mention those special teams. Yes, last season they were not great, especially, the power play. It was second worst in the league, converting only about 15% of the time. And that's not going to get it done. Now, Blues' management went out and got several key pieces to add to the lineup, and that's going to be huge.

- He's one of the best faceoff guys in the league. He is great on both special teams, you know, he's-- there's so many intangibles, so many little things that a smart player like that can bring to a group.

- It's, also, going to help the penalty kill, which was only about middle of the pack. So they want to improve on both of those sides. That's why special teams is going to be so important coming into this season. Now, make sure you watch it on "Fox Sports Midwest" as Blues take on the Winnipeg Jets Thursday here at the Enterprise Center.