John Brebbia on why he wears a protective hat insert

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John Brebbia says Daniel Poncedeleon's life-threatening experience last year motivated him to wear a protective hat insert: "After being in the dugout for Ponce's -- accident doesn't describe the severity of it -- but for that incident last year, when I saw that that was an option, to have something protective in there, I thought it'd be silly not to."

[WHOOSH] - We had a couple things I wanted to ask you about. You're one of the guys that wears the plate in case of a comeback, or inside the cap.

- Yeah.

- I know Ponce does too. There's not a lot of other guys that are using it right now, right?

- Not that I'm aware of, no.

- And how come you choose to put that in there?

- I didn't know it was an option until I got here to St. Louis last year. And after being in the dugout for Ponce's-- I don't even-- accident doesn't describe the severity of it. But for that incident last year, it was-- you know, when I saw that that was an option, to have something protective in there, I thought, well, it'd be silly not to. So-- and we saw a bunch of guys use them last year and a couple this year. It'll probably catch steam.

- Yeah, I think it should, because I think it's a wise thing, prudent to do it. All right. The last thing we wanted to check on-- on one of the recent road trips, there you were on the field. I believe it was Cincinnati. But you're reading a book. It was something that not everyone would read about. It was kind of off-topic.

- Developmental science.

- You're wearing a fanny pack, and you're carrying an umbrella on a otherwise sunny day. What was that about?

- I'm not a hundred percent sure I understand the question. I-- you know, just a normal day of the week.

- No, no, because I-- someone told me you wanted the-- MLB was doing a live shot, and you wanted to be that guy behind them.

JOHN BREBBIA: Yeah, so--

JIM HAYES: OK, so that is the truth.

JOHN BREBBIA: Well, the manager for the Reds was giving an interview. And we were seeing it on TV in the clubhouse. And there was a polite request made for someone to go walk across the field to see if we could be seen in the background.

And it was a sunny day. So I grabbed my umbrella. I should have gotten a parasol, but we didn't have one available. So I got my umbrella. And in case I got thirsty, since it was sunny, I had some snacks in my fanny and some water in my fanny pack. And just to not get bored, I thought, well, I gotta read something, right?

JIM HAYES: And the book was, again--

JOHN BREBBIA: It was neither here nor there, just something exciting from our training staff about some sort of, you know, developmental neuromuscular, developmental--

JIM HAYES: So, but it was from the trainers?

JOHN BREBBIA: Yeah, yeah. It was, you know, a nice, light medical read.

- Well, I gotta tell you, doing this interview, you feel like a veteran. I know you're not.


- But always fun. Thanks for the time.

- I appreciate. Thanks, Jim.