Bader: ‘There’s some new guys that are going to make their names known’

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Harrison Bader has been a big part of the Cardinals' push to get more young players involved, and he proved why on Wednesday.

- --hits, two runs, and a stolen base for Harrison Bader. The story of this game, probably, the bullpen. Some rough going in the early innings. But the bullpen came on and shut that down.

- Yeah, I mean, the bullpen did obviously a really good job, like you mentioned. So having confidence in that, when you're starting pitching, sometimes it doesn't-- it's not there. Those guys did an incredible job all night. So it's awesome.

REPORTER: Cardinals made some moves before the trade deadline. One of them aimed at giving you more opportunity to play along with Tyler O'Neal. How do you look at that opportunity?

- Just like you said right there. I just took at it as an opportunity, something that you don't shy away from. You don't ever get intimidated by. You just view it as an opportunity. I know my work ethic and everything involved is going to take care of itself. And I'm just excited to go out there and play.

REPORTER: Some turnover with personnel. Some new faces brought in. What's the feeling in the clubhouse right now with this ball club? Obviously, a lot of baseball left to play.

- Yeah, I mean, personally for me, a lot of familiar faces. And I know that they're-- like you said, there's some new guys that are going to make their names known for sure. So it's a great vibe.

It's always super positive. So like you said, there's a lot of baseball left. I'm just looking forward to every second of it.

- Thanks for the time.

- Thank you.

- Harrison Bader.