David Toms talks with Holly Sonders after shooting 4-under on Saturday to move into 2nd place

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David Toms talks with Holly Sonders after his strong 3rd round at the US Senior Open.

ANNOUNCER: Mr. Kelly tomorrow, and David Toms caught up with Holly Sonders a bit earlier.

- Thank you, David. After a 4 under par, 66 today, you are right back in this thing. Your caddie told me before the week started that this golf course suits your game very well. It showed today. Tell me about it.

- Well, I got off to a great start. I mean, that's always nice, birdieing the first two holes, and I guess I birdied five as well to go 3 under early. And I just kept the ball in play. I mean, that's really the key. Even though I missed a few greens out there, I was able to get up and down. But I'm playing from the fairway. It's a lot easier to control your ball. And especially with this altitude and everything else, in the rough it's tough, like everyone knows. So I think keeping the ball in play was really the key today, and my speed on the greens was exceptional until the last hole. And then I left it short and had to make a tough one for par.

- You gutted it out, though, right in the center. As this week has gone on, do you feel like these greens have become easier to read?

- Well, you know, for me it's been an interesting week. And I'm sure everyone knows my son had to caddie my first two rounds because my caddie was in the hospital for a little while. And just doing everything I can to read the putts correctly, and then still having trouble. And speed is the biggest thing because even if you misread it, if you can get the right speed, you can go just tap it in. So that'll be the key tomorrow-- is just continuing to have good speed on the greens, keep the ball in play, and see what we can do.

- Other than that, does the game plan change at all?

- I don't think so. I mean, obviously, you see what the weather does. If it gets breezy, you might be more conservative into the greens so you don't get in a bad spot. But for the most part, just keep believing in what I'm doing. And I feel like I'm swinging at it well off the tee, hitting some good iron shots. And like I said, speed on the greens is key.

- Confidence is everything. Thank you, David.

- Yes, it is. Thank you.

- Appreciate it.