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[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: At this year's US Senior Open, Colorado's natural beauty is on full display. And if you look closely at the mountains behind the Broadmoor, you'll notice something towards the top.

GEORGE GUERRERO: But the intended purpose of the structure is a mausoleum. The gentleman that built it to be buried here is Spencer Penrose. He, his wife, and two friends-- a gentleman by the name of Horrace Devereaux and another gentleman by the name of William Leonard-- are buried down in the chapel. Penrose is the man that built the initial Broadmoor hotel-- 1917-1918. He owned this mountain, and this is where he chose to be buried.

NARRATOR: Penrose had the tower dedicated as a memorial to Will Rogers, an American entertainer who died in a plane crash in 1935.

GEORGE GUERRERO: He was a real Cowboy. When I say that, he did cattle drives from Oklahoma to Texas, he was a Cowboy in South America, he was a Cowboy in Africa. He made 76 movies. He had a radio show that was carried from coast to coast. And he wrote a daily column that was carried over 500 newspapers across the country.

NARRATOR: Sitting at 8,000 feet above sea level, the shrine sees about 47,000 visitors each year. The tower has 94 steps to the top and was constructed out of materials from a single boulder.

GEORGE GUERRERO: The tower is built strictly from steel, granite, and concrete. There is no lumber, and there's no nails in the structure. And all of the granite came from that ridge behind you-- about 500, 600 feet up. That's a granite quarry, and that's where all the granite came from.