Bubba Watson says he wants to run for mayor one day

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson plans on getting into politics after his career as a golfer winds down. At the age of 38, Watson could still play on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour for decades – but he revealed that his dream is to run for mayor in Pensacola, Florida.

Via the AP:

“I've had a dream. I moved back in the city limits of Pensacola (Florida) so one day I can run for mayor…. The excitement around these businesses, the city of Pensacola realizes I love them. They brought me everything I have now. They took time to sponsor sporting events that I participated in. That's the same thing I'm doing. I'm trying to help the community grow.”

While he doesn't yet have a platform in place, Watson said that he'd make it a point to improve the education system. Watson joked back in 2012 that he might give up golf and run for president.

“It's funny, I say to my friends, I say to my wife, to my manager, to my team that if you say 'Bubba Watson the golfer,' then you're limiting who I am, who I want to be and who I think I am. These other businesses are fun. Golf is fun. The golf is great. But there a”re other things I want to do. I have other dreams. Golf made it possible. Luckily for me, haven't had bank loans. I'm able to pay cash for these things.”