Redheaded Wisconsin lineman will open season with a glorious new mullet


As the old saying goes: “Behind every good mullet is a good story.”

OK, so that’s definitely not an old saying, or a saying at all, but when it comes to Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Dietzen, it should be.

You see, over the last couple days, pictures began to surface all over the internet of Dietzen, and his glorious new mullet, which appears to be ready to go just in time for the Badgers’ season-opener against LSU less than three weeks from now. At the same time, we assumed it was just an old mullet, on any old offensive lineman.

But then, as Saturday Tradition pointed out, there’s more to the story. Way more apparently.

It all started when the Wisconsin social media team started a new hashtag, #NewRedThreads, in honor of their new Under Armour uniforms.

However, some Wisconsin players took it in a different direction: Dietzen’s teammate Jake Whalen made a Twitter promise that if his tweet could get 1,000 favorites, Dietzen would indeed shave his head of long, red hair into an awesome, bad-ass mullet. Get it? New Red Threads?

(OK, let’s just move on.)

Well, as you can tell, the tweet got over 1,000 favorites, as picture upon picture upon picture has surfaced all over the internet of the amazing mullet.

Here are some more for your internet perusal.

Of course, whether Dietzen’s mullet is enough to topple LSU in a few weeks is another question altogether.