Michigan’s Moe Wagner scores 27 in upset of No. 4 Michigan State

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Fueled by Moritz Wagner's career-high 27 points, the Michigan Wolverines claw through Tom Izzo's No. 4 Michigan State Spartans in 82-72 upset victory. This marks the first time Michigan has won in East Lansing since 2014.

[WHISTLE] ANNOUNCER 1: He won the national championship in 2000. A team [INAUDIBLE], who could ever forget?

ANNOUNCER 2: Jackson driving underneath. Kicks it [INAUDIBLE]. Nice catch. Bump it. Grind it.

Turn around. Lefty. Hook. Short. Ho! [INAUDIBLE] does air, for the tip jam.



ANNOUNCER 1: Abdur-Rahkman. By length, he gets inside. The kick from Simpson, Deep Jay. And it's--

ANNOUNCER 2: How about the patience? Out of time, Michigan.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bridges. He's got a quick first step. Drives. Hands it off. And a two hand flush by the freshman, Jackson and the foul.


ANNOUNCER 2: Miles Bridges. Coaches will talk to him about being more selfish, more important, and more aggressive. Not aggressive always to score, but to attack off the dribble.

And now because he draws so much attention, he's able to make the play to Jaren Jackson. And he just does the rest.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] shoot it more.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, and I love it, because see right here. Now. He can do that all day.

And what that does, it forces the de--

ANNOUNCER 1: A lot of young guys for Michigan, learning as they go.

Back court. [INAUDIBLE] with the left hand. And it goes down.

ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, how about he got-- gut instinct.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now he wants it on the box. Faces. Drives hard across the-- oh, my goodness!



Young fella!

[INAUDIBLE] Not surprised at all.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wagner with 13 to shoot. Turns. Gets to the rim.

ANNOUNCER 2: (BUZZER NOISE). Fella, take that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Michigan State. He is not playing around today. 11 points for Mo Wagner.

ANNOUNCER 2: You know what I love, Gus? The response when Michigan State goes on a little run. Michigan responds right away. That's a mark that you think you can compete against the best. And that's something you got to love about confidence.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bridges, straight away, [INAUDIBLE].


Young fellow. [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: Michigan State.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] on the screen. Rises. And [INAUDIBLE].


Passes Winston with nine. His second three of the--

ANNOUNCER 2: Forget about that shot. It's open all the time off the pick and roll off the side.

ANNOUNCER 1: Winston. The lob. Oh!


Gavin Shilling bringing the house down. 37-34. What a first half!

As [INAUDIBLE] Simpson. And he'll find a [INAUDIBLE] for a two-hand tomahawk jam. 8-0 run for the Wolverines.

ANNOUNCER 2: Post played post defense by Duncan Robinson on Jaren Jackson. That'll allow him to get deep post position one on one here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson spinning on the base line.


Oh! He squeezed it through and drew the foul.


Tillman, eight to shoot, down the lane. Left hand.



ANNOUNCER 1: 8-47. Wagner playing with three fowls. Inside, pump fake, left hand. Count it on the fowl as he just abused Nick Ward.

His versatility is something else to be a 6-11 man.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, what about the play out of bounds? You isolate Wagner on the wing, off the pick and pop. And now he understands that he can use his size, but also his ability to bounce off the dribble.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he's mean mugging. 51-49.

Abdur-Rahkman, and high off the glass and in, plus the fowl.

Winston feeds Bridges. Posted. Baseline, lefty, flick. In and out. And right there for the follow is Langford.


Five points.

Simpson, seven to shoot.

Oh, a beautiful finger roll as he gets to the bucket on Winston.

Ward, Jared Jackson, and Bridges on the court. Jackson to three. That time he knocks it down.

That's four points. He averages 15 a game on the season. 3:12 to go.

Wagner behind the-- back down the lane, ankle breaker. Whoa.

ANNOUNCER 2: Going to work.

ANNOUNCER 1: Michigan with a 69-61 lead. Bridges. To


ANNOUNCER 1: The number four--

ANNOUNCER 2: Knowing that he has the ability to get by Nick Ward off the dribble.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now, Matthew slicing to the hole, and pounds it down.

The first time Michigan has won at East Lansing since 2014.

- All right. Well, essentially you're a bucket away from really beating top five teams in back to back games. What have you learned about your team the last few stretches?

- All I know is that I try not to look at any of that stuff at all. I'm just trying to make sure that we get better every day, that our kids stay focused, and what winning basketball looks like.

We didn't do that sometimes today. But we did it sometimes today. So we got nothing.

You know, I'm like-- I'm already thinking-- I just thought about Maryland for a second. That's a bad thing to do right now. But we ought to embrace this. We've been a tremendous program in Michigan State.

You know, we caught them on a tough night. We-- how about that? We haven't been shooting from the fowl line very well. Not till the end did it show us that we did everything right and we caught them on a tough day.

- Mo Wagner had a career high night. What did you see from him this afternoon?

- Well, you know, he's had a rough time right now, just trying to focus on what's really important in a game, and getting back to basics. He had-- he's a lethal weapon from three. He virtually wasn't shot faking all year. He was just like popping for three and shooting it, or he was driving it without leverage.

He did it today. And he's got to do that more.

- You held a team that averages about 86 points per game below their average. Your defense affected the pace. How?

- Well, we got out dunked. I know that. I think we did have a dunk at the end. Or we had two dunks. But they're a tough team to defend. And we got to-- you got to just understand, they're going to get their twos. And they're going to get all kinds of highlight films. You got to find ways to take away the three ball. You got to take-- get them off the offensive boards, because that's what they've done for years. And that's what they'll do the rest of the year. They're a tremendous team.

- Thank you for the time.

- All right. Thank you.

- Coach.

Back to you guys.