Ole Miss gave John Calipari a dead squirrel as a gift

In a shining example of Southern hospitality, the Ole Miss Rebels gave Kentucky head coach John Calipari a dead, stuffed and mounted squirrel after their game on Thursday night, which Kentucky won 99-76.

The gift is a reference to comments Calipari made a few years ago about the Rebels’ old arena, which was affectionately known as the Tad Pad, and which he called out as dilapidated. He also alleged that there were squirrels in the locker room.

Ole Miss has a new basketball arena, the Pavilion, and to commemorate it, Ole Miss provided a note to Calipari from the Tad Pad squirrels, along with a dead squirrel. For the memories.

An excerpt from the letter:

Thanks to you, the Tad Pad will be no more and Andy Kennedy has this state of the art facility to work with — I know he couldn’t be happier and our program will be better off moving forward.

Also thanks to you, we are now relegated to this log for the rest of our being and have no more locker rooms to find leftover food — they would never let us inside this brand new Pavilion. We hope you enjoy your visit and thanks for taking time to read our note.

Happy New Year!


The Tad Pad Squirrels

Let this be a lesson to other Kentucky opponents — Calipari will expect a dead and stuffed animal at every game. Thanks in advance.