Trilogy vs 3 Headed Monsters

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Rashard Lewis leads the 3 Headed Monsters to a 50-34 win over Trilogy.

COMMENTATOR 1: OK, so let's see offensively if they try to use that same strategy early in the game.

COMMENTATOR 2: Reggie Evans will step in, knocks down the jump shot.

COMMENTATOR 1: Well, he gave up that shot to Reggie last year.

COMMENTATOR 2: 3 Headed Monsters made their first two shots. Since then, they've gone 0 for 4. Reggie Evans makes it 1 for 5.

COACH: Yo, excuse me. Excuse me.

COMMENTATOR 2: One point lead now for Trilogy.

COMMENTATOR 1: Not afraid of Reggie Evans shooting the ball outside.

COMMENTATOR 2: Rashard Lewis the bucket and one.

COMMENTATOR 1: It's amazing. Once you see the ball go in as a scorer, everything else gets a little bit easier. This is a tough shot, difficult, but Sweet Lew with the touch inside. And how about the quick pass decision from Reggie Evans? Kenyon Marting just coming over just a little too late.

COMMENTATOR 2: Lewis backing down Glover, knocks down his shot. Rashard Lewis is getting hot. He's got seven.

- I'm starting with chicken. I'm a real. I eat chicken. I serve chicken. This is my people.

COMMENTATOR 2: Steven Jackson in the audience serving people chicken wings.

COMMENTATOR 1: I love it. Harrington, ball fake, off the glass.

COMMENTATOR 2: And that's what he did. He was able to make tough shots last year, but this is-- this is what I love about--

COMMENTATOR 1: Here's James White. Down eight. White drives, lays it in.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, nice hesitation that time by James White. James White last year, I mean, he impacted the game.

COMMENTATOR 1: Here's James White. Now, all the offensive pressure falls to Al Harrington.

COMMENTATOR 2: You know, Al can handle it. It's can the other guys step up and help him?

COMMENTATOR 1: Al Harrington gets buckets.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, he'll hit buckets.

--to have an impact, so let's see if that carries out through the second half.

COMMENTATOR 1: Harrington knocks it away. James White the bucket and one.

COMMENTATOR 2: Woods the drive. Yes, sir! Qyntel Woods has 12 points.

--things here. He's go 15.

COMMENTATOR 1: Right? Quietly.

COMMENTATOR 2: Nothing quiet about Rashard Lewis, knocked down another three.

- And one. And one.

COMMENTATOR 2: --harder to repeat than anything you've been successful at. And there's no difference right here. Good strip by Reggie Evans as he lays it in.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, I mean, just he-- their motivation is you beat us last year. Can you match our energy? Can you match what we're doing on the court right now? The answer is no, if you're 3 Headed Monster.

COMMENTATOR 2: This is point game for the 3 Headed Monsters. Reggie Evans, left hand. No. Glover drives. James White fights 75. Kenyon Martin with the follow.

COMMENTATOR 1: Smartly and the ball-- the ball is in the hand of Sweet Lew.

COMMENTATOR 2: And Rashard Lewis with the game winner, and sends Trilogy to their second loss. The 3 Headed Monsters remain unbeaten.

It was a rematch of the championship game from last season. This time, Rashard Lewis and the 3 Headed Monsters come out victorious.