NXT Level Up results: Aug. 4, 2023

Published Aug. 4, 2023 10:31 p.m. ET

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade def. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe Perhaps the most successful tandem in NXT Level Up history, Edris Enofé bounded the ring while clad in flashy robes and crowns while electrifying the NXT Arena. Tyson Dupont, a Haitian National Shot-Put record holder with a 1,005-pound deadlift, and Tyriek Igwe, who is built like a brickhouse, were all business from the second they stepped through the current for their first match. And the new bruising tandem caught the attention of their opponents and the WWE Universe when Igwe launched Dupont into Enofé for a devastating blow. However, Blade received a much-needed tag, overwhelmed both opponents and tagged Enofé, who soared with an incredible Edris Elbow to pin Igwe. Myles Borne def. Trey Bearhill Continuing the theme of debuting Superstars, a fired-up Trey Bearhill showed no trepidation while dancing to honor his Muscogee Creek Tribe heritage and releasing an impassioned battle cry before tangling with Myles Borne. Holding a rare experience advantage over his opponent, Borne outmaneuvered the larger Bearhill with some early mat grappling, though Bearhill eventually broke free and viciously shoved his adversary to the mat when Borne went for a handshake. A former Tulsa University football star, Bearhill had Borne in dire straits when he raked his back, but Borne found another gear, raining down right hands and soon claiming the victory by eluding his opponent and landing a picture-perfect dropkick. Gigi Dolin def. Tatum Paxley Having survived a savage rivalry with her former friend Jacy Jayne, Gigi Dolin is prepared for just about anything, including an all-out brawl with the sadistic Tatum Paxley. Several early rollup reversals soon gave way to fisticuffs, and Dolin landed the first big blow by flinging her opponent across the ring with a hurricanrana and blasting her with a dropkick to the face. Paxley got back on track by yanking Dolin by the hair and sending her neck-first into the top rope. She almost sealed the win with a dropkick to the face, though the two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion responded with a flurry of kicks and the Gigi Driver to earn the three-count.