JaTarvious Whitlow fumbles through the endzone after long run in No. 8 Auburn’s loss to MSU

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JaTarvious Whitlow weaves his way through the defense but fumbles through the endzone as Auburn is upset by Mississippi State 23-9.

ANNOUNCER 1: Third and short situation, I'd be surprised if we don't see this go to Whitlow. Could be a screen up top too.

ANNOUNCER 2: See if Simmons or Sweat factor in on this play defensively for Mississippi State. Hand it off to Whitlow. [INAUDIBLE], still on his feet. [INAUDIBLE] spinning.

The ball comes loose. Bulldogs recover, and it looks like a touchback, or is it a touchdown?

ANNOUNCER 1: We're going to take another look at this. My question is did he cross the plane before the ball came out? Obviously, they're saying no, ball came out first.

ANNOUNCER 2: Whitlow, I thought he was in the end zone from that angle. He grabs the ball. He tries to stretch it over the goal line.

REFEREE: The ruling on a field is that the runner fumbled the ball prior to crossing the goal line. The defense recovered the ball in the end zone resulting in a touchback.