Texas Rangers: Do You Want The Bullpen To Set Win Record

The Texas Rangers bullpen has been through a lot this year but they are only 1 win away from tying an MLB record for the most wins in a season. The question is though, with only 2 games left do you really want them in the position to set that mark?

The magical Texas Rangers season continues as they have overcome so much leading towards having the A.L.’s best record with 2 games left in the regular season. The bullpen may be the number one situation that they have overcome, over starting pitching and outfielder injuries to losing Prince Fielder. This bullpen has evolved into what looks like the best playoff bullpen at this point.

The Ranger bullpen was believed to be the strongest trait of the team leading into the season, it only took about a month into the season to become a cause for concern. Outstanding 2015 closer Shawn Tolleson had difficulties early in the season dealing with injuries and his father struggling with cancer.

Tolleson was replaced by Sam Dyson towards the later part of May and since then, Dyson has recorded 38 saves this season. That stat ranks him 7th in the whole MLB against other closers who have had that position all year.

Rangers Manager Jeff Banister has pulled all the right strings this year with the bullpen, especially with former first round shortstop turned relief pitcher Matt Bush.

Ever since the Rangers offered him a deal while he was on work release from prison and tried out in a Golden Corral parking lot, he has gone above and beyond expectations. Bush in basically his rookie year has had to be dealt with caution because the coaches don’t know how many innings they can get out of him. But this experiment has gone great given that he has recorded 61 SO, 1 SV, 22 H in 61.2 innings all with an ERA of 2.48

. Not only that but he was the pitcher that beamed Jose Bautista, that makes you a legend no matter what you do.

The question is with 2 games remaining, would you like for the bullpen to be put into a position to set that MLB record and pass the 53′ Brooklyn Dodgers? That would mean that the Rangers had a bad outing by either Colby Lewis or Martin Perez and were down late in a game. Or would you rather the Texas Rangers steam roll the Rays these last two games and strut into the playoffs?

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