Pedro Martinez stirs up more speculation about a David Ortiz comeback

BY Chris Bahr • June 6, 2017

Just when it seemed safe to assume David Ortiz truly is retired, along comes a Pedro Martinez tweet.

Although they have hit better lately, the Red Sox still are last in the American League in homers and 10th in slugging percentage – two areas where Ortiz obviously could help. But don’t get your hopes us, Red Sox Nation.

Martinez soon clarified his statement:

As for Ortiz, he spent Monday night at a charity bowling tournament thrown by Yankees lefty CC Sabathia. And he was asked about whether he is second-guessing his decision to retire after the 2016 season.

“Not at all, man. I’m happy,” he said, according to The Boston Globe.

 Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

However, he admitted he is open to returning to the Red Sox in an off-the-field role.

"We've been talking, but right now nothing," Ortiz said, via "We're going back and forth. At some point it's going to happen. That organization is what I am. We've been talking."

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