White Sox: Will Any Team Meet High Asking Price for Chris Sale?

White Sox reportedly asking price for All-Star pitcher is much higher than at the trading deadline. With a thin free agent market for pitchers, will any team meet the White Sox demands?

The Chicago White Sox are reportedly demanding a higher asking price for Chris Sale than at the trading deadline this year. The current free agent market is thin for starting pitchers, and many teams could use a starter of Sale’s caliber.

However, will any team actually meet the high demands of the Sox for Sale? Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports listed six potential players that could ceterpieces of a trade for Sale. With the Sox having one of the games best pitchers in Sale, they most likely should demand a high return for left-handed starter.

Rosenthal mentioned Sox general manager Rick Hahn shouldn’t back down from demanding a high asking price for Sale. With the All-Star starter having $38.5 million and three years remaining on his current contract, any team that gets Sale will pay him under market value.

Now that the offseason is upon us, [Rick] Hahn is supposed to back down? Not happening. Shouldn’t happen. Some clubs, despite their “can’t-do-that” protestations, are deep enough to part with the carrying piece that Hahn would want — and more.

Rosenthal also stated while a mega-deal has worked in the past for some teams, it hasn’t always been the best case scenario for others. He pointed to the trade of Cliff Lee by three different teams from July 2009 to July 2010. The only player to come out of those trades as a solid player was current Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco.

In regards to what players the Sox could receive as centerpieces of a trade for Sale, Rosenthal listed six young players from six different teams that could fit the billing. Andrew Benintendi of the Red Sox; Rougned Odor of the Rangers; Julio Urias of the Dodgers; Trea Turner of the Nationals; Dansby Swanson of the Braves and Alex Bregman of the Astros.

Each of these players were listed as ‘cant-touch’ by Rosenthal and justifiably so. If the Sox were to discuss a trade of Sale with any of the aforementioned teams, you can assume Hahn will ask about each of these players. There’s no reason Hahn shouldn’t as Sale is a hot commodity right now. The Sox are aware of this and shouldn’t give in to any team that isn’t willing to pay a hefty price for Sale. But will any team meet the Sox high demands?

This remains to be seen as there are other trade candidates in regards to starting pitching. Chris Archer of the Rays could be traded as well as Justin Verlander. The Sox will have to make sure they don’t price themselves out of trading Sale this offseason, if they are fully intent on rebuilding. If the Sox can find a likely trading partner for Sale, expect the farm system to become much better overnight.

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