Texas Rangers Summarized Season In One Game: Part 2

The Texas Rangers looked to overcome some obstacles like they have done all year in a thrilling game that summarized their season to this point and why you can’t do anything but love them. Check out part one right here to get caught up!

After a rough 2 innings in the middle of the game by Texas Rangers starting ace Cole Hamels, they were still able to provide themselves with an opportunity to win the game. After a base running error by Rougned Odor earlier in this amazing game, redemption seemed to be on the menu.

After a couple of snags by Adrian Beltre and Rougned Odor had the Rangers in the bottom of the 9th down 1 run. Adrian Beltre took a high pitch and landed a line-drive into short left-field, as Adrian rounded 1st base he acted like he playfully acted like he was going to take 2nd base as a joke about Odor’s actions earlier in the game, gotta love Beltre. So boom tie run was on base and Rougned Odor was walking up to the plate.

As a journalist I started picturing a miracle ending in which Odor atones for his mistake earlier in the game and the Texas Rangers get this win. With a 1-2 count Odor took a ball that was sinking inside towards his feet and proceeded to stare down the pitcher. That’s when I knew it was going to happen, the determination, grit, stubbornness or whatever you want to call that trait that sets an edgy player apart, that was in full display.

With Beltre on 1st as the tie run, a 2-2 count, and a red sea of fans in the stadium the pitch came in… Rougie forgot he was on a baseball diamond and looked more like he was teeing off at the U.S. Open, but it didn’t matter because he hit the ball off of a worm and launched it into the air.

You really didn’t need to see the flight of the ball head towards dead center-field because Odor was doing the commentating for you with his body language. A wrist flip of the bat, a strut like he had just dropped the hottest one linner of 2016 about a full minute later, he was rounding first and you knew it was game over.

After begin mauled at home base by his teammates, and even by his manager Jeff Banister you could tell that this was something special. In his post game speech he acknowledged that he had made a mistake and was thankful that Adrian Beltre was around to help him learn and grow as a player, this was Rougned Odor’s first walk off home-run and he is just 22.

This game embodied everything that the Texas Rangers have been this year:

  • a hot start
  • produce a comfortable lead
  • have struggling starting pitching
  • tie game by producing opportunities for runs
  • commit dumb errors
  • create a mountain of momentum from one singular action

I suggest you just go watch the celebration, Lucroy’s spike of his helmet in the background of Rougie’s strut, the mosh-pit at home plate, or read Banny’s lips and watch him embrace Rougie like he was his son. We are witnessing something special in Texas Right now. This Texas Rangers clubhouse is providing an atmosphere for these players to make the most of every minute of the game.

What is your favorite part of the celebration or the game? Do you feel that this is something special and if so, will they maintain the momentum into the playoffs?

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