Mariners wear colorful, flashy costumes to the airport

Nelson Cruz played team photographer for Rookie Dress-Up Day.

Joe Nicholson/Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s about that time of the season when rookies are given new outfits for their team’s final road trip. Specifically, they’re often handed goofy, embarrassing, amusing or otherwise flashy costumes with which they’re expected to parade through the stadium and airport en route to the next city on the schedule.

The Pittsburgh Pirates carried out this time-honored tradition over the weekend, as did the Seattle Mariners. 

Fortunately for those interested in this sort of thing, Mariners slugger Nelson Cruz – no stranger to flashy travel fashion himself – documented some of the styles displayed by the M’s younger players after their series with the Texas Rangers.

Below, enjoy a series of tweets from Cruz featuring various M’s dressed up as Duff Man from ‘The Simpsons’, the Mona Lisa, Nintendo’s Mario, a female Captain America and several other fun outfits: 

Hope nobody had to sit next to the guy with the giant Mona Lisa painting frame costume…

(h/t Twitter)