Mike Trout helps high school boy out with prom invitation

Mike Trout was an Angel for a high school boy seeking a special way to invite his girl to the prom.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout officially has one assist this season. Unofficially, let’s credit him with two.

On behalf of a high school senior, Trout issued a prom invitation to the boy’s object of affection via Twitter.

And of course, she said …

Moraski, a student at Northern Valley Regional High School in Bergen County, N.J., told NJ.com he had sent Trout a message on Twitter asking if he would make the invitation to Caracciolo. After Trout surprised Moraski by actually doing it –€“ and drawing lots of media attention in the process –€“ the high schooler got hold of Trout and thanked him.

"He just said, ‘No problem, bud,’" Moraski told NJ.com.

Now, not to ruin the romance of this whole thing, but it turns out that Caracciolo already was Moraski’s girlfriend and he already had asked her to the prom.

However, years from now, when they tell the story of how they ended up at their prom thanks to an All-Star outfielder, they can leave that part out.