Will Ken Griffey Jr. have a backward hat on his Hall of Fame plaque?

Ken Griffey Jr. made history Wednesday by earning 99.3 percent of the Hall of Fame vote. But will he also make Hall of Fame history as the first player to have a backward hat on his plaque?

Griffey made the backward hat look famous during his career and will wear a Seattle Mariners hat in Cooperstown. But will we be able to see the logo?

What began as wishful thinking could become reality. ESPN reported that Jeffrey Idelson, the president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, is open to the hat-to-the-back idea.

And MLB.com even gave us a glimpse of what Junior’s Hall of Fame plaque would look like.

Reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper is practically begging for it also.

So, what does Griffey think?

Sadly, he announced Thursday that he will wear a Mariners cap — forward — on his plaque.