Texas Rangers pitcher is on the DL after a freak accident with a beer mug

Texas Rangers lefty Jake Diekman has two weeks off now thanks to one of the more exquisitely weird baseball injuries of 2016.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Jeff Wilson began reporting what initially sounded like a cut-and-dry bit of housekeeping news: the Rangers were placing Diekman on the 15-day disabled list for an injury to his left. 

And no, he hadn’t hurt himself partying over the All-Star Break.

And then it got weird, with Wilson reporting that Diekman’s injury occurred in a bizarre incident involving a Cheers mug he bought in Boston shattering in his personal luggage. 

I, for one, am deeply appreciative Wilson followed up here.

Because it is indisputable fact that, of all the athlete genuses, baseball players are the most prone to injuring themselves in the most bizarre and avoidable manner possible. You can never assume a baseball player cut his finger doing a normal thing like yard work, because it’s just as likely that that cut occurred because said player thought a garbage disposal was a fortune telling machine.

So what did we learn today? Never rule anything out with baseball injuries, and never hesitate to ask if the first baseman who burned his hand did it because he thought blue fire wasn’t the hot kind.

Dan is on Twitter. I hope Diekman at least had fun at Cheers.