Chicago Cubs: What to remember ahead of Game 6 at Wrigley Field

Well, the time has finally arrived. Tonight, at Wrigley Field, surrounded by excited fans on both ends, the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers continue their battle. For Chicago, it’s one more win and you’re in. However, the Dodgers need two.

I’ve been thinking about this day ever for 13 years. The last time our Chicago Cubs had the opportunity to clinch a National League pennant, a few things happened. As most of you remember, the Cubs blew a late 3-0 lead.

And most of it was put on the shoulders, worst yet, the life of a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan who supports this team just as much as we do. Steve Bartman. In case you missed it, our very own Adam McGinnis covered that story.

It’s something that every sports media outlet refuses to let go as we are constantly reminded each and every year. And I’m almost 100% positive and Joe Buck will mention that moment about 30-40 times tonight.

In fact, it will more than likely be one of the first things that come out of his mouth when it’s time to begin. But what can you do, right? Broadcasters who cover this sport, delivering “historic” facts about each team.

For instance, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series title in over 100 plus years. Meanwhile, the Dodgers managed to accomplish this goal the year I was born, 1988.

Joe’s Father, Jack Buck, covered that series as a member of the radio broadcast team alongside former first baseman, Bill White. White played for the St. Louis Cardinals twice in his career.

Nerves. It’s normal.

Subheading says it all. Each and every one of us who represent this organization that has been bashed by everyone under the sun will be nervous tonight. Most of you woke up nervous, wondering what tonight’s outcome will be.

What you need to understand is, Joe Maddon, Theo Epstein, and Jed Hoyer helped piece together a very strong team. A team that will have so many opportunities to clinch pennants and or World Series titles either on the road or here at home in front of us.

Last year was the beginning of this wonderful journey and provided some postseason experience for guys who will be with this team for a very long time. Pending any trades that Theo and Jed will put together in the future.

Like 2003, I’m expecting fans to not only pack seats within Wrigley Field, the rooftops on both sides surrounding the stadium and the streets as well. Ballhawks waiting for home run baseballs from Cubs players out on Waveland and Sheffield Ave.

So whether you’re attending the game, watching at home, a bar, friends house, or anywhere around Wrigleyville, just remember one thing. There will be ups and downs in this game. The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to send their best pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, to the mound with their season on the line.

Just don’t allow certain situations to get the best of you. It’s either winning tonight or hand the ball to Jake Arrieta in Game 7 tomorrow evening. However, if our Cubbies manage to get the best of Kershaw and possibly, Kenley Jansen, then it’s time to celebrate.

A World Series appearance for the first time since 1945. I’m sure some of you, including myself, were not around to witness that series.

One thing is for certain. We will experience a National League pennant win, World Series appearance, and World Series win in our lifetime. Maybe sooner, rather than later. And possibly multiple times.

Let’s Fly The W.

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