Watch Cubs star Jason Heyward climb wall to escape swarm of bees during game

There was a buzz surrounding Sunday’s Cubs-Mariners spring training game at Sloan Park in Mesa, Ariz. … a very unwelcome buzz.

The game was interrupted in the third inning, when a swarm of bees gathered around Cubs star outfielder Jason Heyward, who did everything he could to elude the buzzing bugs. Heyward tried swatting the bees away with his glove, jogging around to different parts of the outfield and even ended up scaling the center-field wall trying to thwart the pests.

The Cubs relievers were forced to abandon their bullpen and share with Seattle in order to flee the bees.

The swarm eventually shifted into the stands, causing a brief period of chaos as fans moved to safety.

It’s not the first time a spring training game has been interrupted by bees this year. Earlier this month, a game at Surprise Stadium was delayed when a swarm attacked the Royals’ dugout.