FOX Sports Fan Vote: Only Big Unit worthy of Hall induction

Only Nolan Ryan has more K’s.

Only Roger Clemens has more Cy Young Awards.

No one has more strikeouts per nine innings.

Oh, and he’s the only guy to throw a perfect game in his 40s.

So there’s no doubt Randy Johnson belongs in the Hall of Fame.

And you, the fans agree.

In the second annual FOX Sports MLB Hall of Fame Fan Vote, only the Big Unit received the required 75 percent to receive induction into Cooperstown. The BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America) will announce its inductees on Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET. — Click here for Ken Rosenthal’s official ballot.


From Dec. 19 to Jan. 4, FOX fans voted up to 10 candidates from a 39-player list. Unlike the BBWAA ballot, FOX’s ballot included Pete Rose (ineligible because of his lifetime ban) Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas (both inducted by the BBWAA last year, but short on the fans’ ballot a year ago) and Moises Alou and Rafael Palmeiro (knocked off the BBWAA ballot in 2014, but remained on the FOX ballot because they received at least 5 percent of the votes a year ago).

With 7,359 total FOX voters, the magic number for election was 5,519 votes. The all-time leader in K’s per nine innings at 10.610, garnered 6,073 of your votes, which was 82.5 percent.

It will be interesting to see what percentage the 10-time All-Star and five-time Cy Young winner (Clemens won seven) scores from the BBWAA on Tuesday.

Johnson went 303-166 with a 3.29 career ERA, pitching for the Expos, Mariners, Astros, D-backs, Yankees and Giants between 1988-09. He struck out 4,875 batters, ranking second behind Ryan’s 5,714. The Big Unit pitched a perfect game for Arizona when he was 40 on May 18, 2004 vs. Atlanta, and was a World Series co-MVP with Curt Schilling when the D-backs beat the Yankees in seven games. Johnson went 3-0 with a 1.04 ERA (two earned runs in 17 1/3 innings) vs. New York.

Johnson was one of 17 first-year eligible players on the ballot, but like last year when the fans only voted in Greg Maddux, you weren’t going to let just anyone slide into the Hall.

Rose received the second-most votes with 4,653 for a 63.2 percentage, nearly 12 percent below the required 75.


Pedro Martinez, owner of three Cy Youngs, was third at 4,326 votes (58.8 percent), and John Smoltz, winner of one Cy, was fourth at 4,113 (55.9 percent). Craig Biggio, owner of the 3,060 hits, was sixth with 40 percent of the vote, and Mike Piazza was ninth (34.2).

While Glavine and Thomas were voted into the Hall by the BBWAA last year, they didn’t receive enough votes from the fans in 2014 and remained on the ballot this year. And they came up short again with 51.4 percent and 34.6 percent, respectively.

Steroid allegations continue to hinder Clemens (34.5 percent), Barry Bonds (27.6), Mark McGwire (15.2), Sammy Sosa (7.0) and Palmeiro (4.4).

Fourteen players didn’t receive the required 5 percent to stay on the ballot, including Palmeiro and Alou (3.4), who fell off the BBWAA ballot last year but were given another chance from the FOX fans.

Plus, Don Mattingly, who received 23.8 percent of your votes, is history, too, with this being his 15th and final year on the ballot.

Below are the fans’ final vote tallies.

Fans’ Hall of Fame voting results




Randy Johnson (1st)

6,073 — 82.5%

Jeff Kent (2nd)

694 — 9.4%
Pete Rose (ineligible) 4,653 — 63.2% Gary Sheffield (1st)

610 — 8.3%
Pedro Martinez (1st)

4,326 — 58.8%

Larry Walker (5th)

591 — 8.0%
John Smoltz (1st)

4,113 — 55.9%   Nomar Garciaparra (1st) 585 — 7.9%
Tom Glavine (2nd-*) 3,783 — 51.4% Sammy Sosa (3rd) 512 — 7.0%
Craig Biggio (3rd)

Frank Thomas (2nd-*)

2,547 — 34.6% Rafael Palmeiro (5th-**)

322 — 4.4%
Roger Clemens (3rd)

2,540 — 34.5% Moises Alou (2nd-**) 252 — 3.4%
Mike Piazza (3rd)

2,519 — 34.2% Carlos Delgado (1st)

247 — 3.4%
Barry Bonds (3rd)

2,032 — 27.6% Aaron Boone (1st)

75 — 1.0%
Curt Schilling (3rd)

2,020 — 27.4% Troy Percival (1st)

65 — 0.9%
Jeff Bagwell (5th)

1,810 — 24.6% Tom Gordon (1st)

63 — 0.7%
Don Mattingly (15th)

1,755 — 23.8% Darin Erstad (1st)

46 — 0.6%
Tim Raines (8th)

1,310 — 17.8% Jermaine Dye (1st)

44 — 0.6%
Edgar Martinez (6th) 1,169 — 15.9% Tony Clark (1st)

40 — 0.5%
Mike Mussina (2nd) 1,123 — 15.3% Eddie Guardado (1st)

31 — 0.4%
Mark McGwire (9th) 1,117 — 15.2% Jason Schmidt (1st)

30 — 0.4%
Lee Smith (13th) 980 — 13.3% Rich Aurilia (1st)

27 — 0.4%
Fred McGriff (6th) 940 — 12.8% Cliff Floyd (1st) 18 — 0.2%
Alan Trammell (14th) 887 — 12.1% Brian Giles (1st)

11 — 0.1%

Key: *-Elected to Hall by BBWAA in 2014, but was short in 2014 Fan Vote; **-Remained on FOX ballot after 2014 Fan Vote, but fell off BBWAA ballot for not receiving 5 percent last year.