Streaker interrupts Yanks-Mariners game

BY foxsports • May 28, 2011

A streaker leaped onto the field during the bottom of the eighth inning of the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees game Saturday night.

In all, four fans jumped out of the stands and had to be taken down by security.

The streaker was completely naked except for a blue and white cap and appeared from near the Mariners dugout on the first base side. The man made his naked dash during a pitching change. He ran around the infield for a few moments before being tackled by security near shortstop.

Security put a towel around the man, which fell as he kicked his feet while being taken off the field through an outfield gate.

Two other fans ran on the field earlier in the game and were promptly tackled and taken away by security. Another made a run before the ninth.

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