Mets fan throws beer at Grady Sizemore

April 13, 2015

By Larry Brown

Usually it’s Philadelphia Phillies fans catching our ire for their poor behavior, but this time it was a New York Mets fan acting like an idiot at a game.

During the fourth inning of Monday’s Phillies-Mets game, Daniel Murphy doubled off the right field fence. As Grady Sizemore went to play the ball off the wall and relay it back into the infield, a fan threw the contents of his drink at the outfielder.

[See the video here]

The drink didn’t appear to reach Sizemore, and at least the liquid looked clear, so he probably wasn’t too affected. Still, that’s just poor behavior by a fan. We’ve seen Chicago Cubs fans actually do worse, and even Philly fans have crossed lines when throwing drinks, so this isn’t terribly surprising. Hopefully the fan was kicked out and taught a lesson.

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