Chrissy Teigen wants in on Seattle Mariners ballpark naming rights

BY Allyssa Lee • June 13, 2017

The Mariners announced Tuesday that the organization was ending its 20-year naming rights partnership with Safeco Insurance, meaning there'll be a new name for the Seattle ballpark after the 2018 season.

Model/tour-de-force Chrissy Teigen, who spent part of her childhood in Snohomish, Washington, quickly jumped in with her pitch.

The Mariners mocked this up quickly in response:

And Teigen was all over it:

Just last week Teigen was at the Mariners-Twins game with her husband, singer-songwriter John Legend, to accompany daughter Luna as she threw out the first pitch.

Gotta admit: Teigen Field does have a nice ring to it.

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