Carlos Gomez nearly fell over, then viciously flipped his bat on a flyout

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 7, 2016

Every single time Carlos Gomez steps to the plate, he's going to do his best to put on a show for the fans. Whether it's belting a home run or legging out an infield single, he's a fiery player that almost always gives it his all.

On Monday night, that was on full display in a single at-bat during the sixth inning. With an 0-1 count, Gomez took a rip at a 79-mph meatball, which he fouled off and then stumbled halfway to first base.

A few pitches later, Gomez connected on a Colby Lewis pitch and ferociously flipped his bat as if he just hit it into the upper deck. Only, it was a fairly routine flyout to deep center field. 

Not many at-bats that end in outs are quite as entertaining as this one from Gomez. So at least he's got that going for him.

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