Brewers' star walk-on turns 'puparazzi' with HankCam

BY foxsports • March 15, 2014

He was just added to the roster on Friday, and already Milwaukee's put adopted "mascot" Hank to work. 

The Brewers' star walk-on has been tasked with taking footage of spring training from his furry point of view. 

Milwaukee's favorite rookie exhibited a very grounded, Paul Greengrass-like handheld style with a lot of footwear shots as he gamely trotted his way on the field and in the locker room, camera around his neck.

He even stopped to pose for this press photo:  

Though don't let that adorable mug fool you: The way Hank barked at some of his subjects showed this rookie is not afraid to be vocal. 

It's a dog eat dog world, after all. 

Check out Hank's footage below: 

Can't get enough of this ballpark pup? Neither can we. Check out Rob Neyer's exclusive interview with Hank here


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