Hawkins jokes about Hunter: ‘Just decreased brother population in MLB’

(L-R) LaTroy Hawkins and Torii Hunter have been connected since their early years in Minnesota.

When Torii Hunter announced his retirement after 19 major-league seasons on Monday, the outpouring of appreciation and respect came from all corners. After 2,372 games, 353 home runs, 1,391 RBI, five All-Star Games and one memorable home run rob of Barry Bonds, the 40-year-old was certainly due for more than his fair share of accolades.

But one observer, a former teammate and recently retired player himself, in fact, had a different and rather interesting take, opining on the significance of the two retirements.

LaTroy Hawkins, a 21-year veteran who began his career in Minnesota with Hunter, announced before this season began that 2015 would be his last in the majors. That season ended last week when the Royals eliminated the Blue Jays in the ALCS last week.

So when word of Hunter’s retirement came on Monday, Hawkins took the chance to tweet and retweet some humor about the low number of African-Americans playing in the majors.