Puig’s harrowing journey to US could hit movie screens

Yasiel Puig's journey from Cuba to the US has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Yasiel Puig’s incredible story of his journey from Cuba to the United States has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster — human trafficking, smugglers, a staged kidnapping, betrayal, revenge, an alleged death threat and an ending that would seem impausible if it wasn’t so true.

Now, a big-time Hollywood director is looking to make Puig’s story into just that — a movie on the big screen.

Bret Ratner, director of  the "Rush Hour" franchise and "X-Men: The Last Stand," has acquired the rights to the story, first published by LA Magazine, through his RatPac Entertainment production company, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The story, published earlier this month, tells of how Puig tried to escape from Cuba several times, only making it with the assistance of smugglers working for a Mexican drug cartel, who took him to the Yucatan Peninsula. Puig was held in captivity for nearly three weeks while the smugglers tried to get money promised to them from a sponsor who allegedly delayed paying them the promised sum to get Puig across.


After the story was publushed, Puig said he wouldn’t be commenting and instead would only focus on baseball. 

A search for writers for the Puig biopic is underway, according to the report.