King of the bat flippers Jose Bautista reveals the source of his power

That beard apparently has a lot of power in it.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Jose Bautista sent every old-school baseball fan into a tizzy last postseason after he unleashed one of the most outlandish bat flips on a big-league field.

It’s tough to criticize the Toronto Blue Jays slugger considering it was a tiebreaking three-run blast in a winner-take-all Game 5 of the ALDS against the Texas Rangers.

But if pitchers want to slow down Bautista, it appears all they need is a razor. During a Q&A with the Toronto Sun, Bautista admitted that the source of his strength lies within his beard.

"Finally, somebody asked me the million dollar question. And you’re right on – my beard is the source of all my power. So, you figured it out, buddy. That’s why I don’t shave that often, if you’ve noticed. We’re telling the world now, so hopefully no barber takes advantage of me and cuts my beard completely off. Fingers crossed."

Are you taking notes, opposing hurlers?