Cubs fans line up to by World Series Championship gear in Chicago (Video)

Chicago Cubs fans wasted little time after the teams first World Series win in 108 years to start lining up to get their championship gear

When it’s been 108 years since your favorite baseball team has won the World Series, it’s understandable to not know how to react. There’s a sense of relief, awe, joy, sadness for those who missed it, and so on that all comes on you at once, surely. That’s what Chicago Cubs fans experienced on Wednesday night as they defeated the Cleveland Indians in Game 7. At least a few fans knew exactly what they needed/wanted to do, though.

One of the things you might take for granted if you’re not a Cubs fan is the idea of having championship gear. Even if it doesn’t fit, is faded beyond recognition, or is torn, you still know what it’s like to wear that shirt or hat with pride. Fans in Chicago of the Cubbies didn’t know that feeling.

So with the final out and history being made, you better believe that fans were quick to try and figure out what that feeling was like. Cubs fans flocked to stores in Chicago to get their hands on some World Series Championship gear. It was a sight to behold:

Just look at how excited everyone there is. Yes, their team did just win the World Series for the first time in over a century, but they also get shirts too!

I have a feeling that those shirts are going to be the Chicago uniform for the next few weeks at least. Wear them with pride Cubs fans.

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